Healthcare IT Solutions

We Deliver The Best in Healthcare IT Talent and Service Management.

We foster human connections and align everyone’s vision for a better, healthier, and connected world.

Mile High Consultative Approach

We Craft and Implement Solutions That Bring Information Technology and Service Lines Together

Our broad experience across small and large-healthcare systems enables us to deliver talent and solutions that accelerate your organization into the Healthcare 3.0 arena.

Business Continuity Accelerated

We simplify, modernize, and optimize your application portfolio delivering cost savings and continuous uptime.

Qualified Subject Matter Experts On Tap

We continually advise, survey, and market to our talent pool in order to provide your organization with the best resources for the job.

Foster B2B Collaboration

We centralize work activities across distinct organizations leading to greater transparency.

Healthcare IT Talent and Solutions Advising

We Help Health Systems and Life Sciences With Talent and Solution Needs.

EHR Talent maintains broad Healthcare IT expertise and a network of exceptional talent to deliver the best solution and outcome for your personal and organizational goals.


We adopt a winning culture, bolster leadership buy-in, and establish a resilient technology platform.

HCIT Leadership

We develop a cohesive solution that manages your systems and service line initiatives with the right talent, tools, and processes.

Healthcare IT SME

We value your expertise and foster a long term relationship that fulfills your career goals and contributions to better patient care.

Life Sciences Leadership

We optimize your service delivery model, software development, and project management services.

Digital Innovation

We transform your patient’s digital experience touch points.

Project Management Office

We streamline your project efforts from governance to implementation.

Dear Colleague:

I am on a mission to solve the biggest pain points in Healthcare IT operations. In the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to work for a number of healthcare systems, small and large, and appreciate the unique experiences gained and relationships made.

I am passionate about building capacity within organizations and introducing new paradigms and practices  to solve business challenges.

It takes a village to support the operations of any healthcare environment. Everyday front-line caregivers leave their front door and provide exceptional care to those who are in need. Equally important, EHR Talent understands the importance of having systems that are supported by individuals that are compassionate in the work they fulfill and ultimately, the patients and communities that are impacted.

I would like to invite you to book an Initial Discovery consultation with EHR Talent to help us understand your needs and then share with you our roadmap that leads to a more mature service delivery model and ultimately, better patient care.


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Sina Sobhi

Collaboration Medium

I’m Ready To Break Down Information Silos

Knowledge is power, but not in a vacuum; curating and maintaining easy-to-find content requires a thoughtful approach.

Asset 6890

Collaboration Medium

I’m Ready To Break Down Information Silos

Knowledge is power, but not in a vacuum; curating and maintaining easy-to-find content requires a thoughtful approach.

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