Our Areas of Experience


Business Applications

A well-tuned health system has their supply chain, people processes, and financials intact leading to better credit ratings. Maintaining the business operations of a health system requires a well-balanced approach that captures expenditures, revenue streams, and drives growth. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ Infor Lawson
+ Oracle PeopleSoft
+ Kronos
+ and more.



The acceleration of telehealth services and the need for urgent and nonurgent care places great emphasis on ambulatory application systems. Managing a physician practice has its own challenges. EHR Talent recognizes the critical functions carried out by ambulatory application systems and the patients that are impacted by them. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ Allscripts TouchWorks
+ CGM Aprima
+ EpicCare
+ NextGen EHR
+ and more.

Clinical Informaticists

The voice between front-line caregivers and the Information Technology department, clinical informaticists play an integral role in defining business requirements and optimizing system usage. Our experienced Clinical Informaticists have the knowledge and experience to champion your Go-Lives, assist with clinician onboarding, and foster system maturation.


A robust and well-managed acute care application system is the cornerstone to a patient’s well-being. Many stakeholders carry an integral role in defining the requirements of an acute care application system. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM)
+ Cerner Millenium
+ Epic ClinDoc
+ and more.


Managing dental hygiene and the technology behind the scenes is important to any dental practice. EHR Talent has subject matter experts available and able to support the following Dentistry application Systems:

+ Epic Wisdom
+ and more.

Medical Imaging

Advancement in medical imaging technology continues to accelerate. Equally important, the need to maintain and optimize imaging application systems that seamlessly integrate with your Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and transcription system are fundamental to a well-functioning Imaging department. EHR Talent has subject matter experts available and able to support the following imaging application systems:

+ Epic Radiant
+ and more.


Understanding the treatment plans for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer is a vital skill in managing an oncology-based application system. EHR Talent has subject matter experts available and able to support the following Oncology Information Systems:

+ MOSAIQ Medical Oncology
+ Varian ARIA OIS
+ Epic Beacon
+ and more.


A well-tailored pharmacy application system reduces waste, prevents medical errors, and delivers the right treatment at the right time. Balancing the internal needs of a pharmacy department while integrating operations with other services lines requires a thoughtful approach. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ Epic Willow
+ QS1
+ Dose Edge
+ Pyxis ES
+ Pharmogistics
+ and more.


Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) are a vital tool in the reporting of laboratory results to physicians and front-line caregivers. The ever-increasing patient volume and diagnostic tests require the right resources in managing these systems. Our team of LIS subject matter experts, both in Clinical and Anatomical, are ready to assist with your deployment, operational, and optimization needs for the following systems:

+ Epic Beaker Clinical Pathology
+ Epic Beaker Anatomic Pathology
+ SCC SoftLab
+ Orchard Harvest LIS
+ Orchard Copia
+ Sunquest Laboratory
+ Sunquest CoPath Plus
+ and more.


Laboratory instruments continue to develop greater efficiency by doing more with less. In order to report results back to the LIS, a middleware solution capable of modifying the data transmitted back and forth is required. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support and optimize the following systems:

+ Beckman Coulter REMISOL Advance
+ Data Innovations Instrument Manager
+ Telcor QML
+ Siemens CentraLink Data Management System
+ and more.


Digital Innovation

In a mobile-centric world, patients are looking for the latest and greatest information relating to their health. Equally important, healthcare providers provide life-saving measures based on information available in the palm of their hands. EHR Talent has a team of experts to enable and grow your organization's digital footprint.


Information Security

Safeguarding patient health information, adhering to HIPAA regulations, and eliminating security risks are vital components of a secure and stable healthcare system. It is incumbent upon every employee to take individual responsibility in safeguarding hard and soft assets. EHR Talent is equipped with the right talent and resources to reduce vulnerabilities and foster a culture of safe security practices.


Server Management

The management of servers requires the right tools and personnel in order to ensure application availability and stability. EHR Talent’s team of server engineers have the expertise to manage your Windows and non-Windows environment. Additionally, we specialize in managing enterprise-grade tools capable of delivering applications on any device type. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ VMware Horizon
+ Citrix Workspace
+ Veeam Backup & Replication
+ and more.

Cloud, Lift and Shift

Reducing the total cost of ownership and taking advantage of rapid innovation among the top-tier cloud providers accelerates the need in moving to the cloud. It’s important to concentrate on delivering innovative solutions for the community rather than focusing on the support of underlying hardware. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to help transform your organization’s journey to the cloud.



From gathering specifications, to building in Test, and later deploying to Production, we understand the nuances with interface builds and have the expertise on hand to build uni and bi-directional interfaces. Our team of experts are skilled in the following Integration systems:

+ Infor Cloverleaf
+ Intersystems Ensemble
+ Lyniate CorePoint
+ Lyniate Rhapsody
+ NextGen Connect, formerly known as Mirth Connect
+ and more.

Health Information Exchange

In a major metropolitan area, a patient’s demographic and clinical data is often dispersed across a multitude of application systems. In order to have a comprehensive view of the patient’s data, Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems aggregate said data and provide a comprehensive view. HIE’s are a powerful tool in the clinical setting and EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ Epic CareEverywhere
+ Medicity HIE
+ Medicity NovoGrid
+ OrionHealth HIE
+ and more.


Project Management

From intake to execution our project management professionals have the experience to deliver projects on-time and within budget. We know how to navigate high matrixed organizations and develop meaningful relationships with all stakeholders in order to implement solutions that deliver better outcomes for patients and their communities. EHR Talent has a team of professionals ready to tackle your next project and leave you with a positive impression.


Revenue Cycle

Managing the front-end of a clinical setting requires careful consideration. The patient’s “first-touch” experience is driven by the workflows established within a practice management system. From referral management to charge capture, a well-tuned practice management system enhances the patient experience. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support and optimize the following systems:

+ Affinity QuadraMed
+ All scripts Practice Management
+ Epic Grand Central
+ NextGen EPM
+ and more.

Health Information Management

The constant growth and management of medical information within the healthcare setting places great emphasis on the operations of the Health Information Management (HIM) department. HIM professionals continually ensure the integrity of a patient’s electronic health record and manage incoming requests. EHR Talent has a team of experts ready to deploy, support, and optimize the following systems:

+ Epic Release of Information
+ 3M 360
+ and more.


Service Desk

Often remarked as the eyes and ears of the Information Technology department, the Service Desk plays a critical role in managing incoming incidents and requests. EHR Talent understands first-hand the type of qualities and skills demonstrative of a top-notch Service Desk team and the tools needed in delivering first-class service.

Desktop Support

Desktop personnel play a critical role in addressing technical issues occurring in clinical settings. They are often seen as the face of the Information Technology department and gather pertinent facts in order to address the reported issue. Additionally, they are responsible for commissioning and decommissioning devices in a timely manner.

Hardware Procurement

Managing the lifecycle of your devices is paramount to greater efficiency, stability, and security. A lack of responsiveness with any computing device impacts clinical care and lost revenue. EHR Talent is committed to streaming the lifecycle of your IT assets in a cost-efficient manner.

Go-Live Support

The Go-Live of any application system hinges on the success of the “at-the-elbow” support and the right team members. Whether it’s a big-bang implementation or done in multiple phases, EHR Talent can quickly mobilize resources for your Go-Live.

On-Call Management

Balancing KTLO and service restoration efforts requires careful consideration. With the right tools and support structure, EHR Talent can streamline your response time and increase application availability through a thoughtful approach. We have the expertise to deliver the right solutions and reduce employee stresses. While the goal remains in eliminating major incidents, our team of experts are here to help you improve your response time and restoration of services.

Service Delivery

EHR Talent is positioned to offer the best-in-class service delivery advisory services. We are passionate about the services Information Services departments provide both internally and externally. We conduct a top-to-bottom assessment of your organization’s service delivery model and provide a roadmap that will achieve efficiency and effectiveness across all pillars of the organization. A successful engagement invokes the following:

+ Breaking down information silos.
+ Intelligent business process mapping across key business functions.
+ Developing a culture of empowerment and agility.
+ Development of strategic plans that provide clear and measurable value.
+ Planning and managing changes to business processes across matrix-managed organizations.
+ Rationalizing and modernizing applications and tools.


Count on EHR Talent to manage your day-to-day operations. We can equip your organization with the right tools and resources for a brief period or a multi-year engagement. A successful engagement invokes the following:

+ Managing application availability to ensure unplanned downtimes
+ Triaging and managing daily support requests and providing timely communication to key stakeholders.
+ Managing after-hours support and restoring services.
+ Install, test, and upgrade application systems.
+ Adhering to operational budgets.
+ Achieving and reporting upon key metrics.
+ Coordinating activities across matrix-managed organizations.


No matter the size of your optimization efforts, EHR Talent is your go to partner for all activities relating to optimization activities. From idea to execution, we create a tailored approach that achieves the best outcome, on-time, and within budget. A successful engagement invokes the following:

+ Managing the intake process with ease and transparency.
+ Developing metrics that capture ROI.
+ Drafting and managing requests for proposals and information.
+ Developing meaningful relationships with service-line managers, directors, VPs, and C-Suite executives.
+ Managing spend efficiently and delivering results on-time and within budget.



A well developed training program reduces calls to the Service Desk, strengthens system utilization, and leads to greater efficiency. The right tools and personnel are paramount to a robust training program. EHR Talent understands first-hand the qualities and skills required of a trainer and omni-channel methods of delivering training content to system end-users.